Everyone spends money differently and everyone has different priorities when it comes to their spending patterns. Let your budget harness and regulate these patterns. This brings us back to accruals. If you enjoy taking a vacation start planning for it now. Forecast anticipated costs for this vacation and build a monthly amount into your budget to satisfy this goal. Each month, review your Targets and separate your vacation cost from your income. Deposit these funds in a separate account. You have just “spent” this money. Coming up with $100.00 per month for your vacation is easier than coming up with $1,200.00 the week before you are supposed to go on vacation! When you stay within your Targets, you satisfy your goals! This analogy relates to so many budget items. Your budget can help you satisfy a number of accruals like car repairs, gift purchases, general travel, RRSP/RESP contributions and even saving for a “safety” account. Make your budget work for you!