Seasonal Pitfalls.

If you’ve read a few of my other blogs you know that I’m a strong supporter of exercising proper budgeting practices. These budgeting  practices become even more important as a result of seasonal spending – going a little overboard during the...

Tax Bills.

Many people do not realize that tax debt can be included in a Proposal or Bankruptcy. If you have income tax debts or HST debts that are hurting your ability to pay your bills you need our help! Call us so we can discuss your options.

Covid Assistance.

Most lenders have been very good about deferring payments as a result of the virus. Most of these deferrals are time sensitive – they’ll let you slide for a few months only, tack the payment(s) onto the end of your contract, or let you catch up over time...


Just a helpful reminder that the CERB/CRB benefits you may have received are fully taxable. Once you combine these benefits with other income – whether with various pension benefits or other employment income – you may become the innocent victim of...

Tax Time!

As you all know, tax season is just around the corner. Be prepared, be organized and file on time as interest and penalties assessed by Canada Revenue Agency on late filings can really add up!