As you`ve probably realized, a good budget changes on a month by month basis. It changes based on priorities, goals, even on the change in seasons. If its cold outside people tend to entertain at home more often. When barbeque season starts, grocery budgets tend to increase. Identify these trends on a personal basis and adjust your budget to embrace these trends. Be careful of habits as people tend not to account for many habits – buying a cup of coffee for example – but habits can have a major impact on your budget if they are not accounted for. I`m not suggesting that you never enjoy a cup of your favourite coffee again. I`m suggesting that if that latte is a priority for you, budget for it and stick to your budget! Using a separate bank account for accruals is always smart – that money has a designated purpose(s), take it out of reach until you are about to satisfy that purpose. Take advantage of sale cycles, every product has one. Comparison shop. Use coupons – every penny not in a company`s cash register is sitting in your pocket! Most importantly, make your budget work for you! These are your priorities, your goals, realize them! Don`t be afraid of change – accept that the budget you prepare today will not be the same as the budget you prepare a few months down the road, embrace and budget for change! A solid budget does not keep expenses to a minimum. A solid budget embraces your lifestyle and helps you accomplish your goals even if your goal is to simply live well and not owe anyone at the end of the day. Stay away from credit but if you can`t, manage your credit. Build credit repayment into your budget and be careful to only buy what you can afford to buy if using credit. Happy budgeting!