You now have a better handle on your income and expenses. We are at the final stages in preparing a good, workable budget. We are also at a pivotal budget stage – reasonableness! Your budget has to satisfy your goals. To do that, you have to define those goals and put a value or number on them. How much do you want to place in a vacation fund or monthly RRSP contribution? Does it work within your budget? Build these amounts into your budget. Now step back and take a look at your complete budget and let your budget guide you in defining your priorities. What is more important to you? You can only work with the income you have no matter how much or how little. How do you want to spend your money? Are your budget amounts reasonable to you? Identify where you feel you are spending too much or too little and fine-tune your budget making sure you’ve identified and accounted for your priorities. Now that you have some rough guidelines, make it work for you!